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ज्ञानं भारः क्रियां विना

IRDO – ISNEE Research and Development Organization is a pioneering and youthful organization initiated by ISNEE. IRDO offers one the best inter disciplinary trainings for the students who are pursuing Diploma and Engineering. IRDO encourages the research programs at the student level and also provides financial and technical assistance to the students to research and develop new products for the better living. Academics will enhance their knowledge but intense experimental training method by our experts and interaction with industry professionals will help them to shout their career growth by multiple times. IRDO is a place where you get to learn, research, develop and differentiate yourself from the rest.


The mission of IRDO is to advance the current engineering education methodology. Engineers, as problem solvers and innovators, are seen as an asset to nation’s economy. The training and research programs offered by IRDO, facilitated with latest technical equipment and tools, allows the students to execute and practice their theoretical knowledge. Current industrial world is in search of an engineer with deep knowledge and expertise. IRDO is creating a path parallel to the current engineering Educational Practice, to drive students with practical knowledge, have deep insight about the problems which occur at the micro level and create awareness about the social, economical and political factors that effect their work and professional life. The opportunities provided by IRDO fulfill the aspirations of the beginners and show them the right path to move further in their respective fields.


IRDO will set standards in training the engineering students to fight the 21st century challenges in engineering practices through experimental learning process. IRDO is committed to create an ambience, which indulge the students in industrial world during the training period. IRDO transforms it’s students in to creative leaders to tackle every problem in their professional life and outgrow the current ways and thoughts to innovate and create a better future.

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