Summer Course Content

Total duration of the program would be 42 days

1- Automobile Basics(4 Days)-

Students will get acquainted with automobile fundamentals during this phase. This would be a 4 days schedule for the students. Topics such as fundamentals, working and application of various automobile systems will be discussed during this phase.

2- Fundamental Of Vehicle Dynamics (4 Days)-

This section includes the introduction to all the terms that you come across in vehicle dynamics. This will be a 4 days schedule. You would be introduced to several dynamic behaviors that the vehicle depicts on different road conditions. The various dynamic behaviors will be explained taking up different kinds of vehicles like

  • 1- Formula 4

  • 2- Go Kart (Formula 9)

  • 3- Off Road Buggy

  • 4- Quad Bike

All the terms related to vehicle dynamics would be explained briefly.

3- Advancements In Vehicle Dynamics (2 Days)-

The main motive of this phase is to train the students to customize the vehicle dynamics. Students will get an in depth exposure to various dynamic factors like Tire Dynamics, Driveline Dynamics and Aerodynamics. This would be a 2 days schedule for the students.

4- Design And Analysis (12 Days)-

There would be various phases for designing and development which would be taught through the following steps-

  • 1- Basic introduction to designing (3D Software)

  • 2- Product modeling and development

  • 3- Component designing and optimization

  • 4- Finite element analysis

5- Manufacturing and Testing (20 days)-

The product developed during the designing phase will be manufactured under the facilities provided by IRDO. The manufacturing process will be carried out by the students exclusively under the expert assistance of ISNEE officials from different industries.

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