Summer Training Program


ISNEE Research and Development Organization (IRDO) has been embodied with expert research on the need of introducing this program in the present era where vehicle manufacturing standards are stimulating swiftly. Newbies have to understand that the need of gaining proficiency in this field holds a lot of significance. ISNEE has already inhabited various programs for the development of student’s knowledge in the Automobile field. A typically informative candidate graduating from a college is always on a company’s radar.

Now, being typically informative incorporates gaining proficiency in all aspects of vehicle manufacturing. A lot of work goes into manufacturing a vehicle, right from the work taken up on the engine to the interior and exterior designing of the vehicle; each and everything needs to be scrutinized to the highest level of one’s thinking. Looking at the rate at which the yardstick is being set right now, a newbie would be nowhere in the league.

IRDO gives you an opportunity to gain hefty knowledge about how things work in the Automobile industry. IRDO provides you with crackerjack facilities and training professionals who would pave way for your preferment in this industry. The professional trainers include major Industrial veterans who would engulf you with legitimate knowledge on every minute aspect that is involved in manufacturing a vehicle. Way before a vehicle comes on road, there are a lot of aspects on which a vehicle is engineered; engine, suspension, transmission, braking, wheel dynamics, bearings, etc. None of the students have a practical exposure of the systemizing of any of these parts. All that the students get is a demonstration of all these parts. One does not gain expertise merely viewing all the components installed in the vehicle. The only way is to work on all these components initially gaining fundamental knowledge and eventually mastering on one or all the characteristic factors that are installed in the vehicle.

If you are passionate about vehicles and want to savvy all the internal and external factors that let these vehicles rule on roads, then IRDO is the right place for you. Come, learn, research, develop and contrast yourself from the remaining bunch of engineers.

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